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Marco Bügel
Anker 3

The man behind the lens

I am an ambitious Swiss amateur photographer living in the very eastern part of our beautiful country close to the Austrian and German border.

As a photographer I am extremely passionate about wild animals, exotic places, and as an amateur herpetologist, I am focused on reptiles and dangerously venomous snakes in specific. But apart from that, I am also very interested in landscape, car as well as portrait photography. As you can see, it is very difficult to just put me in a single box ;-) 

I have always been very interested in photography and all things involved, but it actually took me a very long time until I finally got invested in my first DSLR (Nikon D7200) some years back. With deepened photography 

skills my equipment professionalized, and although I feel there is no such thing as a one-fits-all solution to the diverse requirements different genres of photography ask for, I am currently very happy with my Sony A9ii, Sony A7RIV and the new Sony flagship camera the Alpha 1.

The art of photography is my way to share the amazing and emotional moments I got to spend with exotic cars or animals in their natural habitats and beautiful remote landscapes, but I also love the interactions during portrait shots with people. 

My main mission is to reach people's hearts and to appeal to people’s emotions towards wildlife. I want to inspire them to learn more about them and take action for wildlife conservation as well as against habitat destruction. Based on the fact that my favorite animals are snakes, I guess it is not a huge surprise that the USA & Southern Africa are my two favorite photographic and adventure playgrounds on planet earth :-)

Kind Regards from Switzerland

Marco Bügel

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